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Turbo charged DEX Charting & Data

Access feature rich cross-chain DEX charting tools and data delivered on a clean user interface. Powered by the Bela Aqua Token.

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Cross-Chain Charting Tools

Matic & Solana (Coming Soon)

Pair Token Explorer

Set Notifications

Integrated Wallets & Portfolio

Buy & Sell Cross-Chain

Transforming the Way you Trade

Be Fast, Be First

Access powerful DEX charting tools and data to make better trading decsions.

Cross-Chain Charting

Access data and trading pairs across several exchanges and blockchains.

Buy & Sell Effortlessly

Swap tokens effortlessly directly in the Bela platform across chains and exchanges.

Responsive & Portable

Real-time charting, data and analytic tools in your hands whilst you’re on the move.

Access Next-Gen DEX charting tools everyday.

It’s time you upgraded the tools you use everyday. Access feature-rich DEX charts and much more, delievered on a clean design all for free.

Meet the Bela Aqua Token.

Hold our tokens in your wallet in order to earn more, and generate income from transaction fees.


Each transaction is taxed 5% and distributed among holders additionally 5% of sells is taxed and sent to the liquidity pool.




To provide peace of mind to investors, we have lockedall LP tokens for 256 years. Meaning you can invest in peace!





The income fees you receive in your wallet will be calculated based on the number of Bela Aqua tokens you hold in your wallet compared to other holders, this increases your earning power!



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We know you’re tired of the other DEX charting platforms. Are you ready to level up? Try Bela charts today.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Support Team  

Currently, Bela charts and data is completely free to access and use. In the future we will release some fee-paying services but this will be annoucned ahead of time.

Transforming the Way you Trade

Get ready to level up in your trading with Bela charts.